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About GCyR

GCyR initiated its services in 2015 in the management of bidding processes, contract management with a preventive approach, planning, programming and project control and monitoring.

Since then, we have led as a team of expert engineers, providing services for a wide range of projects in sectors such as mining, forestry and industry.

Our interest in contributing to sustainable development has driven us to expand our reach, creating a Sustainability Division to incorporate these needs in all industries.

What do we do?

We specialize in providing technical support throughout the lifecycle of your contracts. Our services cover various stages of contract management, prioritizing technical quality and making strategic decisions to ensure the success of your agreements.

We stand out for our preventive approach, anticipating potential problems and risks that may arise during contract execution. Additionally, we actively promote dialogue and negotiation to reach agreements beneficial to all parties involved.

How can we help?

If you are looking for a suitable provider to support you in the preparation and management of your bidding processes.

If you have a portfolio of construction and/or service contracts and require support in ensuring their correct execution in a preventive and strategic manner.
If you are looking for a reliable consultant to accompany you throughout all of your arbitration processes.

If you require comprehensive support for the management of your claims, from start to finish.

If you wish to promote projects that foster the sustainable development of your company or require the support of expert professionals in the field.

Our contract management services

Precontractual Management
Contractual Management
Our assistance is aimed at ensuring tender documents that are complete, high quality and consistent with the client's objectives, ensuring a successful selection of bidders.
Consultancy focused on the support of our clients in the effective administration of works and/or services contracts. We carry a preventive approach to minimize the occurrence of contractual disputes.
Claims Management
We provide expert assistance for all activities that are part of a complaint process.
Arbitration Process Management
We expertly handle all activities that are part of an arbitration process once a major contractual dispute has occurred.


Advice on the definition of the contracting mode and the way of payment of contracts.

Development of Tender Bases to be delivered to Proponents. This service includes support for the development of the Technical Bases from a contractual and management point of view.

Management and support of the entire bidding process, from the identification of companies to be invited to the contract awarding, including risk workshops with the client to ensure an appropriate awarding.

Preparation of the Final Contract and its component documents

Contractual Management

Preventive contract management: Identification of weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and contractual risks and assistance in the preparation and monitoring of contracts.

Planning, control and monitoring: We simplify management by defining strategies, controlling risks and implementing integrated technical, contractual and administrative archiving systems.

Contract Audits and Management: For the execution of audits of contract documents, rules and procedures of contractual management and practice of contract administration we apply GCyR methodologies that are adapted to the specific characteristics of each client

Operational Contracts Support Management: We provide comprehensive assistance in the management of the contract portfolio, including negotiation and contract allocation phase and budget and/or scope deviations.



Support in the Management of Complaints: It considers everything from the preparation of contractual diagnostic reports to assistance in the preparation of the agreement documents, including impact analysis by means of the "Critical Route" method, tactical-strategic analysis of the alternatives and support in the possible phase of mediation.

Abitration Process Management

Support in the Management of Arbitral Proceedings: Permanent technical-contractual assistance throughout the arbitral process, including participation in the development of strategies and tactics for the trial, proposals for eventual hearings, proposal and support in the management of experts, preparation of well-proven briefs and analysis and comments to expert reports and arbitral decisions.

Our sustainability services

Sustainability Division

We take pride in offering services dedicated to bringing sustainable development to all industries.

We firmly believe that sustainability is key for long-term success. Our sustainability services seamlessly integrate into our offerings, ensuring that your projects not only excel technically and contractually but also put you on track towards your sustainability goals.


Diagnosis and sustainability benchmark: The first step to integrate sustainability is to make a diagnosis to know the reality of your company.

We support you in the gathering of information and detailed description of the status of your company in terms of sustainability, putting in perspective your position against your competitors, international benchmarks and legislative trends.

This in-depth look will allow you to develop a roadmap and strategy to integrate your sustainable goals smoothly.

Support in the definition of sustainability goals and objectives: If you already have clarity of the sustainable status of your company but require support in the definition of your sustainability goals and objectives and how to implement them, we accompany you and guide you in the process of establishing an action plan with specific goals and metrics to detect your progress.

Investing in the development of a sound strategy will allow you to anticipate the new trends, changes and regulations associated with sustainable development. Your goals will become more comprehensive and easier to incorporate into your organization.

Support professionals in the implementation of sustainability objectives: We understand that the needs of all our customers are different and that every organization faces different challenges and focuses associated with sustainable development. That is why we have professionals dedicated to the area of sustainability available to complement your team and join the development of your projects, regardless of their size.

Achieving your sustainability goals can seem like a daunting task; our goal is to provide ongoing support and facilitate clarity to make incorporating sustainability into your organization as easy as possible.

Trusted by industry leaders

Confidentiality and security

We combine our professional's  expertise with a team in constant drive to improve services. We work together, not in isolation.

Our guiding principle is to protect the interests of the customer in a fair and responsible relationship with contractors.

Cost-effective consultancy

Our consultancy represents tangible savings for our customers.

What sets up apart

Training and expertise

Development & improvment

Collaborative work

Interest protection

We safeguard confidentiality and protect customer information with maximum security.

We have specialized professionals with extensive experience in the field of contractual management.

We are constantly looking for new opportunities and create value for our customers.

Your success is our commitment

A profitable and successful project requires, during all its stages, a dedicated consultancy to achieve the goals. Having management services from the beginning to the end and closing of your contracts allows you to prevent and also moderate the possible risks associated with claims and arbitrations, ensuring the harmonious development of your investments.

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